eOsstem – our primary corporate partner

We are grateful for the support of the Osstem UK team, without whom this course would not have been possible in its current format. They are a family owned and run company who win by facilitating a structured organised learning environment as well as providing logistic and expert product support. In addition they kindly supply the implants for the patients in Cairo.


The largest privately owned dental company in the world with a global presence. Planmeca is a family owned concern that retains their original ethical and moral ethos and manufactures high quality dental equipment. We are grateful for their facilities at their UK HQ in Coventry.


Very creative is a design and marketing company. again it is a family run company that is still run by the people who started it more than 30 years ago. Our relationship with the proprietors and owners indeed, goes back 30 years, and we have enjoyed decades of work together. We started with Very Creative in the print media and carousel Kodak slides era and have now progressed to work related to websites social media and many diverse aspects of digital design and marketing and event management.




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