Atraumatic Extractions & Ridge Preservation Course by Practical Implantology

Monday 15th May 2023 (6.30pm-9pm) SOLD OUT

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A skill-set that every dentist can learn with minimal training & start-up costs.

The only grafting technique with simple training that any dentist can perform.
This course will help income streams for NHS, private or mixed dentists.

This Course is Open and Suitable For All Dentists

Course Fee: £80 (Inclusive of VAT)


Faculty with 80+ Years Implant Placement Experience


By Dr Soni, Dr Mohamed & Dr Sheikh Before, During and After the Course


Change your life – make extractions so much easier!

For All

A 2.5 hour short practical course for all dentists.

Oh Yeah You Can

Stop referring those extractions. Learn how to extract 90% of teeth easily.

Forget 8

forget the figure of 8 technique. Learn about the biological & physiological extraction techniques.

Let's Go

Start your surgical career. This course will build a practice within a practice – a great income stream.

Total Course Fee £13,800

(Inclusive of VAT) Secure Your Place with a Deposit of £1,800.


An Intensive and Immersive Experience!

Watch Our Trailer Video

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Total Course Fee £80. (Inclusive of VAT)

Here For You - During and After Your Course

Dental Implant Course by Practical Implantology

(Theory and Practical Hands-on)

Cohort No.12

Starts 19th May 2023

Cohort No.14

Starts 12nd Jan 2024

This Course Will Cover

  • Bone Physiology Revision
  • Ridge Preservation Protocols
  • Atraumatic Extraction Techniques
  • Some simple revisions on different types of bone
  • Hands-On Practical

Course Overview

  • Course Title: Ridge Preservation Course
  • Date: TBC
  • Course Duration: 3 Hours
  • Time: 6.30pm-9pm
  • CPD: 2.5 hours of verifiable
  • Time: 18.30
  • Location: Alexander Pope Hotel

Our Dental Implantology Course is a supportive environment for dentists to start placing implants

To ensure adequate one-to-one training, places are thus limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Total Course Fee £13,800 (Inclusive of VAT). Secure Your Place with a Deposit of £1,800.

Course Overview

  • Course Title: Ridge Preservation Course
  • Date: TBC
  • Course Duration: 3 Hours
  • Time: 6.30pm-9pm
  • CPD: 2.5 hours of verifiable
  • Time: 18.30
  • Location: Alexander Pope Hotel

All participants will always have guidance and support following Implantology Course Completion

Meet Your Faculty

Dr Mukesh Soni

Course Director

BDS MSc Manc GDC No: 64451

Mukesh, Sam and Azhar have known each other for over thirty years. During this time, they have been firm friends, professional colleagues, practice partners and now partners at Practical Implantology.

Although very different individuals, they share the same core values that underpin their personal and professional approach to dentistry and specifically implantology.

Jointly, they have over sixty five years of dental experience and between them have placed over 15,000 dental implants. They have experience in a wide range of implant procedures including bone manipulation and grafting, single and multiple/full arch cases.

Dr Azhar Sheikh

Course Director

BDS Manc, MFGDP UK GDC No: 58270

Mukesh, Sam and Azhar have experience and training in mentoring and are ADI mentors. They have been vocational training (VT) trainers and coached countless colleagues over the years.

They, themselves have participated in lifelong learning and have been fortunate to have been trained by some of the giants of the implant field notably Professor Hilt Tatum from whom they have also absorbed and assimilated the ethics of patient interaction that underpins their approach to dentistry to this very day.

They are passionate in sharing what they have learned over their professional lives. Mukesh often talks about empowerment of the dentist. This includes sharing of all knowledge in an open, accessible, honest, unbiased and practical way that allows a dentist to expand on their skills.

Dr Sam Mohamed

Course Director

BChD SE DUI GDC No: 71162

“This course ensures that dentists build skills, experience and confidence in a safe structured way that allows them to introduce learned knowledge and techniques into their practice in a reproducible and predictable way for the benefit of their patients and enrichment of their professional lives”.

To compliment the learning Mukesh, Sam and Azhar are happy to provide ongoing support and mentoring for anyone that wishes. They hope to create a win-for-all situation.

As Mukesh says “together we are stronger“.

Welcome to
Practical Implantology!

Outcome-based Learning

We will provide a selected number of enthusiastic general dental practitioners the chance to learn from our vast experience, support them to grow and develop further and watch them succeed in the field of Implant Dentistry. With safe, ethical, predictable, tried and tested and evidence based training.

Who is this Course For?

  • Dentists considering implementation of implant treatment in their practices
  • Dentists who want to further their experience and confidence in surgery
  • Dentists on Diploma / MSc courses wanting more hands-on experience
  • Sam, Soni and Azhar will be supporting participants before, during and after the course

Why Should You Attend?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

  • Ridge Preservation can help improve the bone levels vertical and horizontal while the socket is healing. 
  • Reduces postoperative complications and helps grow bone when wisdom teeth are being extracted. 
  • Minimal start-up costs and a great way to benefit the patient and attracts great financial rewards.
  • It’s the only grafting with simple training any dentist can perform. It is of great benefit to dentists and patients long and short term.

Course Fees & Payment Options

  • Total Course Fee: £13,800 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • 5% discount – if paying the course fee in full. IE the total course fee will be: £13,110
  • £1,800 payment/deposit to confirm a place.
  • Spread remainder over 4 months with  payments of £3,000/month.

Enquire or Book

Do suggest a time when we can call you back. SMS or WhatsApp Us. Call out-of-hours if suitable.

Contact Faiza Sheikh (Administrator and PA to Dr Azhar Sheikh):
Tel: 020 4579 0389 (UK)

Who is the 'Atraumatic
Extractions & Ridge Preservation
Course' For?

  • The course is open for ALL DENTISTS and not for those who are just placing implants.
  • It will help improve extractions, virtually eliminate septic sockets, improve aesthetics for pontics and is a great pathway to further simple or advanced surgery.
  • The course will help income streams for NHS, private or mixed dentists.

Course Venue: Alexander Pope Hotel

Cross Deep, Twickenham TW1 4RB
Time: 6.30pm – 9pm

(Snacks included)

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Book Or Enquire

Speak to Faiza on: 020 4579 0389

Request a Call-back Time (If Required)

Speak to Faiza on 020 4579 0389

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