Dr Azhar Skeikh

Dr Azhar Sheikh

Dr Azhar Sheikh

BDS Manc, MFGDP UK (GDC no: 58270)

Dr Azhar is qualified as a dentist for 30 years and has 25 years experience in Implant Dentistry (Dental Implants for Missing Teeth). He focuses his interests and practice on Implant and Cosmetic treatments.

He has trained and worked alongside the world’s leading Cosmetic and Dental Surgeons including, Prof Hilt Tatum (Pioneer in Implantology) and Dr Larry Rosenthal (Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars, New York).

An Overview of Dr Azhar Sheikh:

  • He is a Co-founder of The London Dental Studio.
  • Azhar has thirty three years general dental practice expertise and focuses his interests and practice on dental Implant and cosmetic treatments.
  • Azhar Sheikh has been placing and restoring his own implants for over 27 years.

More About Dr Azhar Sheikh

Dr Sheikh has been placing and restoring his own implants for over 25 years. He has experience in simple and advanced (complex), Implantology techniques such as Sinus Grafting, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting and Bone Expansion.

He is experienced with multiple implant systems. including: Bicon, Tatum, Astra, Osteoti, Osteocare, Osstem, Mini Implant (MDI) and Intoss, Nobel Biocare. He is the largest user of Osstem implants in the UK.

Dr Azhar Sheikh has Joined the Practical Implantology team and adds another valuable dimension in the clinical teaching and patient assessment.

Azhar been a vocational trainer and has helped and mentored countless associate colleagues. In addition, he regularly has work experience students at the practice and has coached many on to dental school and successful careers.

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