Practical Bone Manipulation in Oral Implantology

An Artform Incorporated into Modern Treatment Concepts
Total Course Fee £1,190
Lunches Are Included

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Course Presented by:
Dr Mukesh Soni BDS MSc Manc / Dr Azhar Sheikh BDS Manc. MFGDP UK / Dr Sam Mohamed BChD SE DUI
Endorsed by:
Professor Hilt Tatum Jr., D.D.S.

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Total Course Fee £1,190. Lunches Are Included

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The Course

Practical Bone Manipulation in Oral Implantology

An Artform Incorporated into Modern Treatment Concepts




Summary & Learning Outcome

Who is This Course For?

Practicing Implantologists wishing to expand their repertoire. However, all colleagues at any stage of their implant experience are invited to apply, as there will be a benefit at any stage of the journey, even if just in the planning stage.


This two day intensive course presents the modality of bone manipulation in its various forms within the field of dental/oral implantology.

In the current climate of emphasis on guided bone regeneration (GBR) techniques and graft/augmentation materials, these critical and immensely useful techniques have fallen by the wayside as there is less commercial impetus to teach them. Consequently, we would submit that bone manipulation could legitimately be described as a forgotten artform.

We will cover the history of bone manipulation, the anatomy and physiology of the osteo-periosteal complex, various techniques of bone manipulation including the importance of vital autogenous bone and the advantages of these techniques.

Importantly we will present the means by which bone manipulation can be incorporated into current treatment modalities.

Day two of the course will be a hands-on session to enable participants to practice the techniques presented on day one and attendance at this will be limited.


12 Verifiable CPD Hours

Practical Bone Manipulation in Oral Implantology​

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Aims & Objectives

Course Advantages

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All participants will always have guidance and support following Implantology Course Completion

Meet Your Faculty

Dr Mukesh Soni


BDS MSc Manc GDC No: 64451

Mukesh, Sam and Azhar have known each other for over thirty years. During this time, they have been firm friends, professional colleagues, practice partners and now partners at Practical Implantology.

Although very different individuals, they share the same core values that underpin their personal and professional approach to dentistry and specifically implantology.

Jointly, they have over 100 years of dental experience and 80 years of dental implant experience. Between them have placed over 15,000 dental implants. They have experience in a wide range of implant procedures including bone manipulation and grafting, single and multiple/full arch cases.


BDS Manc, MFGDP UK GDC No: 58270

Mukesh, Sam and Azhar have experience and training in mentoring and are ADI mentors. They have been vocational training (VT) trainers and coached countless colleagues over the years.

They, themselves have participated in lifelong learning and have been fortunate to have been trained by some of the giants of the implant field notably Professor Hilt Tatum from whom they have also absorbed and assimilated the ethics of patient interaction that underpins their approach to dentistry to this very day.

They are passionate in sharing what they have learned over their professional lives and about empowerment of the dentist. This includes sharing of all knowledge in an open, accessible, honest, unbiased and practical way that allows a dentist to expand on their skills.


BChD SE DUI GDC No: 71162

“This course ensures that dentists build skills, experience and confidence in a safe structured way that allows them to introduce learned knowledge and techniques into their practice in a reproducible and predictable way for the benefit of their patients and enrichment of their professional lives”.

To compliment the learning Mukesh, Sam and Azhar are happy to provide ongoing support and mentoring for anyone that wishes. They hope to create a win-for-all situation.

As Mukesh says “Together we can change lives”.

Dr Tatum is widely regarded as one of the world’s most skilled dental implant surgeons and is unmatched in his surgical and conceptual talent.

Professor Hilt Tatum Jr.

We developed and have been performing bone manipulation techniques for over 50 years. This includes ridge expansion, inter-positional augmentation techniques and of course the sinus augmentation procedure, which we also introduced. We also introduced onlay bone augmentation into implantology 49 years ago, but realize that, when possible, bone manipulation is safer, simpler, more predictable and less expensive.

I realised early on in my implant career that the body is a wonderful organism that is programmed to heal. So surgical techniques need to respect the body and work with it not against it. This means excellent surgical technique, delicate soft tissue handling and maintaining a blood supply to the surgical site.

Respect these principles and the body will heal and create the outcomes we desire. Bone manipulation techniques are a skillset that requires patience, skill and dedication to master but once this is achieved are of lifelong benefit to the practitioner.

I am passionate that the field of dental implantology should be led by clinicians who have their patients’ interests to the fore and not by companies whose primary interest is the sale of graft products and profits.

I have been teaching all my clinical life and in the early 1990’s came to work in the United Kingdom where, amongst others I met and worked with Azhar, Sam and Mukesh who were my friends, colleagues but also my students. I worked with them for approximately a quarter of a century.

From an early juncture it was evident that they would develop to be leaders in the field of implant dentistry in the UK and abroad. It gives me great pleasure to have played a part in their formative years and career development.

I am so proud that they are passing on their skills and knowledge to their professional colleagues so that the body of evidence-based knowledge is enriched for the benefit of patients and practitioners. It is important to make dental implantology accessible to all in the dental profession and therefore patients safe in the knowledge that they are obtaining a service that will improve the quality of their life.

“I am delighted that Azhar, Sam and Mukesh are continuing to espouse the principals that they developed with me. I am proud to endorse and commend their Bone Manipulation course to another generation of colleagues and know that under their talented and passionate tutelage you will benefit greatly”.

I wish all that attend good luck and great success in their dental implant career.

Professor Hilt Tatum
USA and France

Dr Stuart Orton-Jones


Azhar, Sam and Mukesh have taken Hilt Tatum’s Bone Manipulation further, to be incorporated into modern implant concepts.

The aim is to achieve good functional and aesthetic outcome for patients and dentists in more predictable and biologically sounds ways with less reliance on materials and bone substitutes. These techniques require time, skill and dedication to master but they are within the capacity of all to do so. The journey is definitely worthwhile, and this course is an excellent start.

“I personally recommend both clinicians unreservedly as dedicated and passionate workers, who have the patients’ and profession’s best interests at heart. I am delighted to endorse and recommend this course which I am confident that you will benefit from”.

Stuart Orton-Jones


Day 1: Lectures

Day 2: Table Clinics & Hands-on

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Excellent course, best implant course in the world. Mukesh, Azhar and Sam are the best mentors anyone can have. Can’t recommend enough

Dr Raghu Lal

What a brilliant experience! Extremely knowledgeable speakers, very friendly approach and up to date information and techniques that will not only improve the quality of your work, but make your treatments more predictable in long term! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do predictable implant dentistry!

Dr Valeriu Osoianu

Excellent group of pros and friendly delegates always happy to help and guide where possible. Lectures, reading material, advice, etc always been of high quality especially if not most so the practical modules (it's in the name after all!)

Highly recommended to all dental colleagues interested in developing their implant skills both as a complete beginner or to improve on any existing knowledge and experience.

Dr Joey Gray

I was the second cohort of Practical implantology İmplant course. It definitely has been the best investment of my career in terms of time, money and experience. . Lots of practical hands on live patients provided in the course to build your confidence. I have been taught and still mentored by three of the most experienced, helpful, educational and motivational clinicians with over 80 combined years of experience in implantology.
The post course support with your cases is amazing and most important. Highly recommended.

Dr Mohammed Sharjeel

Practical implantology is one of the best dental implant course out there. The entire team at PI has some of the most humble people and clinicians. The standard of training and hands-on exposure to the cases in brilliant. Being guided by the three legends and being mentored continuously in the field of dental implantology is an experience of a lifetime.

Dr Tanzeem Raees

Amazing hands on experience! Does what it says on the tin! Highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to implants or even those with some implant experience looking to gain more confidence.

Dr Sagar Patel

Great teachers with a wealth of knowledge. Each one of them brings something different to the table. Great support and good people.

Dr Awais Qureshi

LONDON - Exact venue to be Confirmed

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