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Practical Implantology Mission & Vision

Creating a New Standard & Methodology in Implant Based Training

Mukesh Soni, Sam Mohamed and Azhar Sheikh founded Practical Implantology Academy, with the aim of bringing a new approach to the education and teaching of implant dentistry in the UK and beyond.

Our focused mission is to share our combined 80 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Dental Implantology with dentists with little or no previous experience in implant dentistry who want to start their journey in this exciting and life-changing field and empower them to place implants in their own practice immediately after the course. We even have delegates who have completed previous implant courses but have had no surgical exposure during them.

We plan to expose dentists to the practical aspect as much as possible, with due emphasis on sound theoretical and scientific principles, imparting in them the knowledge and skill sets necessary to diagnose, plan and treat simple cases in their own practices from the outset.

The teaching focuses on simplified, safe, predictable & reproducible Dental Implant skill sets within a supportive, self-nurturing & protected environment. Our approach is very much an outcome based one. We want our graduates to be able to place and restore implants from the completion of the course in a way that ensures long term success.

Candidates are provided with ongoing support and mentorship during and after they complete the programme. Within the Practical Implantology Family environment, you are never, ever alone.


Our Philosophy

A course like no other… Outcome based thinking

A course like no other - Outcome based thinking

This is combined with a desire to have a social responsibility aspect to give to those less fortunate in global society in general. Many have enquired about it.

There is contact teaching in the UK with a practical surgical module in Cairo, Egypt. The UK teaching provides a detailed, comprehensive coverage of the subject of dental implantology that fully complies with all GDC requirements. The Cairo surgical module, is an intense, immersive week where delegates get to place implants themselves under direct supervision of the directors and faculty but also observe their delegate colleagues meaning that delegates are directly involved in 50 – 60 implants. The exotic location and exhilarating experience make for lifelong memories and friends.

Implants are placed on patients who are in great need of them but who are socially and economically deprived. They would never be able to afford the treatment that is provided for them free of charge. They put their trust in the Practical implantology team and we respect that they are giving our delegates the opportunity to gain a lifelong skill. Every implant on every patient is fully restored, again at no cost, chiefly by Sam who gives freely of his time as part of his desire to give something back to the country of his birth.

There are many respectable, reputable and well designed implant courses now, which offer a great content and a great learning experience, the Practical Implantology Course is not simply about patient assessment, restorative planning, surgical techniques or implant placement; it embraces a much wider concept and an outcome based methodology, rather than a process based one.

Practical Implantology has a vision the driving force behind it was to make everyone involved a winner. This was not difficult once we put the process aside and applied the focus on the outcome. The process then evolved and had a real purpose. In other words, the repeated practical application of the learning so that it becomes more refined and instills confidence in the learner to achieve the desired outcome.

Practical Implantology Academy’s outcome based thinking and methodology has created a unique winning formula which in our opinion surpasses all else. Our desire is that everyone involved in the process wins.


Patients enrolled in the practical implantology practical module receive the utmost care from planning to restoration.

 They get all this absolutely free of charge. These patients cannot afford even regular dentistry but they are restored to form and function on the course utilising the best skills and care. It is so gratifying to be able to help the less fortunate; and they very much appreciate it. During the cohorts hundreds of implants implants have been placed by the candidates, most of which are now restored and in function and the rest in process.


You get to learn from a combined 80 years of experience who share with you our trials, tribulations, success, failures and everything in between. Our philosophy is predicated on supporting you to grow and develop further, and we help you every step of the way.

Building a large cohesive family is our aim, and it is being realised and is getting bigger. The friendships, support and camaraderie you develop in the intense full on environment gives you a great sense of safety and confidence which is second to none. As previously stated, we will be with you every step of the way, so; when you finish the course, you will never be on your own, we will always be there to help you in your continuing journey.

Practical Implantology Team

There is a great sense of satisfaction when we pass on knowledge and experience and see the candidates apply what they learned and develop further. PI team in the UK and Egypt work tirelessly to make this experience both precious and memorable. We put our hearts and soul at the centre of what we do so that you get more than what you expected. As the great philosopher Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

We win by seeing your confidence grow; your practice develops and you are set on a path of lifelong learning, growth and development to the benefit of your patients and your career. We take great delight in driving delegates onwards and upwards. Our unique practice support system and mentorship program are aimed at supporting this.

In our terminology team means: Together Everyone Achieves More!

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