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Practical Implantology Dental Implant Course & Mentoring Program.
Join one of UK’s most popular dental implant courses where you will be
placing Implants on this course

From Our Course Directors

Dr Mukesh Soni, Dr Azhar Sheikh and Dr Sam Mohamed

“We are passionate in sharing what we have learned over our professional lives. Our aim is the empowerment of the surgeon. 

This includes sharing of all knowledge in an open, accessible, honest, unbiased, non-threatening and practical way that allows a dentist to expand on their skills.

Our courses ensure that dentists build skills, experience and confidence in a safe structured way that allows them to introduce learned knowledge and techniques into their practice in a reproducible and predictable way for the benefit of their patients and enrichment of their professional lives.”

Join Our Practical Implantology Family


Learn from Clinicians with
80 Years of Joint Experience


Support Every Step of The Way by Dr's Soni, Sam & Sheikh


of Our Course Attendees Will be Placing Implants on This Course


of Course Graduates are Practicing Implant Dentistry


Course delegates are placing 10-100+ implants on average per year


One particular delegate is placing over 1000 implants per year!

Our Courses

15 Day Hands-on Course

Practical Implantology - Dental Implant Course

The dental implant course where you will be placing Implants on the last module of this course!

Cohort No.14: Starts Fri. 26th Jan 2024

Cohort No.16: Starts Weds. 4th Jan 2025

Cohort No.17: Starts Thurs. 4th Sept 2025

Cohort No.15: Starts Thurs. 5th Sept 2024

This is a 15 Day Dental Implant Course providing a limited number of enthusiastic general dental practitioners the chance to learn from our vast experience, support them to grow and develop further and watch them succeed in the field of Implant Dentistry. With safe, ethical, predictable, tried and tested and evidence-based training. No previous dental implant experience is necessary – all we ask is that you come with an open mind, a strong desire to learn about the exciting field of dental implants and a determination to place implants in your own practice.

2 Day Hands-on Course

Bone Manipulation Course
in Oral Implantology

An Artform Incorporated
into Modern Treatment Concepts

Two day intensive course presents the modality of bone manipulation in its various forms within the field of dental/oral implantology. Theory and practice. Hands-on practical experience.
Incorporate techniques into your clinical practice.

“I am proud to endorse and commend their Bone Manipulation course to another generation of colleagues and know that under their talented and passionate tutelage you will benefit greatly.”

– Professor Hilt Tatum Jr. D.D.S.

6 DAYS Theory & Hands-On Course

Full Arch Implant Comprehensive Course (All on X)

By Prof Dr Amr Elkhadem in Cairo The course aims to provide
thorough knowledge on the treatment of edentulous patients

6 Day Consecutive Theory & Hands On Course

Venue: Cairo Implant Academy in Ma’adi District in Cairo

3 Day Hands-on Course

Soft Tissue Management
in Implant Dentistry

Master the practical application of the entire spectrum of surgical techniques for soft tissue management around immediate and delayed implants.

Fri-Sun 28, 29 & 30 June 2024

Venue: NSK Stevenage – Hertfordshire

3 Day Course: Interactive theory and hands-on

3 Hour Hands-On Course

Ridge Preservation Course

The only grafting technique with simple training that any dentist can perform. This course will help income streams for NHS, private or mixed dentists.

Venue: Alexander Pope Hotel, Twickenham – London.

  • Ridge Preservation can help improve the bone levels vertical and horizontal while the socket is healing.
  • Reduces postoperative complications and helps grow bone when wisdom teeth are being extracted.
  • Minimal start-up costs and a great way to benefit the patient and attracts great financial rewards.
  • It’s the only grafting with simple training any dentist can perform. It is of great benefit to dentists and patients long and short term.
3 Day Hands-on Course

Exocad Certificate Course for Dentists & Technicians

Modular Exocad Certificate Course for Dentists and Dental Technicians


Day 1: Theory
Day 2-3 : Practical (Optional – Limited Availability)

Our Reviews

Excellent group of pros and friendly delegates always happy to help and guide where possible. Lectures, reading material, advice, etc always been of high quality especially if not most so the practical modules (it's in the name after all!)

Highly recommended to all dental colleagues interested in developing their implant skills both as a complete beginner or to improve on any existing knowledge and experience.

A great practical course to learn and develop your implant skills. What was learnt in Egypt was great practical experience overseen by very experienced clinicians which cannot be taught in a lecture. The mentors are excellent teachers and always there to help if you ever need any guidance. Would recommend to anyone thinking of starting their journey!

I was the second cohort of Practical implantology İmplant course. It definitely has been the best investment of my career in terms of time, money and experience. . Lots of practical hands on live patients provided in the course to build your confidence. I have been taught and still mentored by three of the most experienced, helpful, educational and motivational clinicians with over 80 combined years of experience in implantology.

The post course support with your cases is amazing and most important. Highly recommended.

Extremely knowledgeable speakers, very friendly approach and up to date informations and techniques that will not only improve the quality of your work, but make your treatments more predictable in long term!
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do predictable implant dentistry!

Meet Our Talented Team

Dr Mukesh Soni

Course Director

Dr Sam Mohamed

Course Director

Dr Azhar Sheikh

Course Director

Michele Sheikh

Client Relationship Manager

Faiza Sheikh

HR and Business Operations Manager

Watch Our Trailer to Get the Full Experience

Mukesh Soni, Sam Mohamed and Azhar Sheikh founded Practical Implantology Academy. With the aim of bringing a new approach to the education and teaching of implant dentistry in the UK and beyond.

Our focused mission is to share our combined 80 years of knowledge and experience in the field of dental Implantology with dentists with little or no previous experience in implant dentistry who want to start their journey in this exciting and life-changing field and empower them to place implants in their own practice immediately after the course. 

We even have delegates who have completed previous implant courses but have had no surgical exposure during them.

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